Cringefest 2k4

Since Cringefest back in 2003, many of the bands that performed have broken up or otherwise fallen off the radar. Below are all the bands that played in Cringefest.

Bands Rocking Cringefest 2k3

Liquid 6teen
Alias X
Art of Falling
Closer Than Far
Gone Until Tomorrow
Sunspot Apocalypse

cringeCringe : [headliner]


"Cringe's music is nothing short of haunting" -- The Oracle, WVA. Cringe employs the musical talents of five guys to create music as intense as the message behind the lyrics. From ripping guitars to surrealistic electronics, Cringe is the new direction of metal. Everything Evolves... For more information on Cringe... go to See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

liquid 6teenLiquid 6teen :


Liquid 6teen is an energetic and heavy band that has been rocking the Central Ohio scene for a while now. For more information on Liquid 6teen... go to See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

levledLeveled :


LEVELED's music is nothing short of powerful as the name itself suggests. With four years of solid dedication to improving upon their music and live performances, LEVELED is primed to bring the metal to the masses. Billy, Jebus, Jerod, & Zig look forward to giving everyone at Cringefest a reason to put up their horns and tuck the thumb. See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

Bobaflex :


BOBAFLEX was established in 1998 by Martin and Shaun McCoy. Influenced by their surroundings and the elements of the MOTHMAN legend, the band (Marty McCoy, Shaun McCoy, Mike Steele, Jerod Makin, and Tommy Johnson) began to develop their unique style of songwriting. Describing the band’s sound is difficult, however the press and newspapers have often compared their sound to that of new metal artists like System of Down and Disturbed fused with the lyrical aggression of hip-hop pioneers Wu-tang Clan and song structural elements of classic rock pioneers Queen.

Pushing the sonic boundaries of what is “the norm” in modern rock music, this band has the hunger and determination to overcome any obstacle in their way, as 2003 will show… there shall be no stopping these BOBAFLEX warriors. For more information on Bobaflex... go to See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

skywindSkywind :


Skywind brings to Cringefest a unique feel. These talented musicians will travel all the way from Minnesota to rock the show. For more information on this hot band... go to



Info coming soon. Undivided has broken up since Cringefest. See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

somaSoma :


Soma is self described as an ambient-progressive-alternative rock band and has been rendered by as "the fusion of Opera Metal, R&B, and Alternative Rock". Soma is half defined with the tight rhythm section of Matt and Marcus Wilson and the smooth ambient textures of Justin Roth's keyboards. The other half consist of the aggressive metal driven guitars of Brian Hughes and passion ridden eloquence of John Black's voice. The energy and diligence of Soma has been winning fans over across the Midwest for more than 3 years For more information on Soma... go to See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

alias xAlias X :


Alias X was originally formed as but a side project in the depths of Youngstown, Ohio by members of the some of the areas most prominent bands. While trying to stray away from the common trends of "Nu-Metal", "Emo", and "Industrial", they decided to utilize various cutting-edge electronic elements and their individual musical tastes to create a new sound laden with beautiful harmonies, melodic guitar, ethereal keyboards, and universal lyrical themes. The result is a band that comes across remarkably different and artistic, while remaining digestible and radio-friendly. For more information on Alias X... go to See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

eightdazeEightdaze :


Formed in early 2002, Eightdaze is a culmination of two projects, Krawl and Abacus. Combining multiple styles & influences, their spontaneiously contagious energy manages to gracefully walk the fine line of heavy/melodic rock. The creative energies of Eightdaze are self-evident. See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

ethosEthos :


More info coming soon.

The Ethos website is no longer up and running. See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

art of fallingArt of Falling :


As bands come to an end, it opens the door for new bands to emerge. This is just the case with Art of Falling as they contain members from two past local bands Dismissed and Isnotion. Both bands had a nice run in the local scene and both made decent names for themselves before their breakups. As both pushed to write faster and heavier music, it's just the oppisite with AOF as theyve taken a step backwards and are pushing for a more melodic sound. AOF formed in late October of 2002 after a jam session between four, of the now five, members. The line-up to date is as follows: vocalist Adam Miller, Jeff Summerfield and Kevin Gehring on guitars, Kyle Hull on bass, and James Trecazzi on drums. After one and a half months, and alot of hard work, Art of Falling were ready for the stage and had thier first show January 10th of the new year, 2003. Just two shows later AOF parted ways with vocalist Adam Miller. AOF knew they didnt want to cancel their two upcomming shows so they asked a good friend of theirs, Andrew, to help them out. He not only did an amazing job without ever practicing with the band but, soon after became their full time vocalist. All members of Art of Falling are very set on sticking with this linup for years to come. The Art of Falling website is no longer up and running. See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

closer than farCloser Than Far :


More information coming soon.

The Closer Than Far website is no longer available. See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

gone until tomorrowGone Until Tomorrow :


The Columbus Ohio based quintet came together in January 2003. While writing songs and rehearsing non-stop for months, they finally had the songs and the energy they were hoping for. After non-stop touring of the local and regional stops, Gone Until Tomorrow’s electrifying live set became the talk of the mid-west club circuit, and the band quickly garnered a sizable (and passionate) following. The Gone Until Tomorrow website is no longer available. See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

captionCAPTION: :


This Columbus based group thrives on heavy chops abraisive melodies and an array of funk.Caption has been apart of the scene for some time now and is ready to show why they were selected as one tha top bands in Columbus to perform on the CringeFest bill. The Caption: website is no longer available. See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

sunspotSunspot Apocalypse :


More information coming soon.

The Sunspot Apocalypse website is no longer available. See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.

strikkenStrikken :


Strikken is a group of five friends who look up to Metallica. Their moto is "Play hard, Rock hard." For more information on Strikken... go to See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.



Info coming soon. The Trepanation website is no longer available. See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.



Ukane is a melting pot of old styles and new colors such as the 80's metal era to the 90's alternative scene and today's new metal sounds. They combine all these great aspects of rock music into one massive melodic, kickin-ass, burn the house down style. See Cringefest 2k3 Photos.