Answers about Cringefest

What happened to disappeared into the void of the World Wide Web after Cringe broke up.
Why did Cringe break up?
Bands break up all the time. It's kind of essential... since it helps create drama, heartache and musical unemployment--all of which are creative stimuli for musicians.
What is the point of this site?

Part of the reason this site is up is to pay tribute to the bands that played in Cringefest. But since most of the bands have now dispersed... there is a more personal reason. I wanted to keep this site as an example of my work (I spent a decent amount of time on projects for Cringe over the years.)

While the HTML and code is old by my standards, the visual design is worth keeping. The concept for the background art was provided to me in sketch form... from which I created the actual artwork. The concept of the cringe face was provided by Julie W. of Body Stain Tatoos and the background with the bloody playroom was a sketch by Brett Prince of Bootleg Tatoos.