Welcome to the Official Cringefest site

We had a blast on at the first annual Cringefest at the Billiard Club. Seventeen of the hottest bands in the region putting on a show for the local rock scene was awesome. (Our friends from Minnesota--Skywind--weren't able to make the trip unfortunately.)

We want to thank all the bands and fans who made this event a success. Our only hope is that we will have another Cringefest sometime soon.

Special thanks to our sponsors 107.1 the Big WAZU, Bodystain Tattoo, Now It's Dark Magazine and Budweiser. And, of course, the Billiard Club. Without them, Cringefest couldn't have happened.

Unfortunately, the headlining band of Cringefest (Cringe) broke up shortly after Cringefest. Cringe had a long and successful career in the Ohio region, and its music reached far into the local music scene.

Cringe was not the only band to toss in the towel. Half the bands popular in Columbus in 2003 have already become history.

For photos of Cringefest 2k3 go to Cringefest Photography.